Ficha de Proyecto

Designation of the Project
Increase the company's capacity for internationalization

Project Code

Main goal
Reinforcing the competitiveness of SMEs

Region of Intervention

Beneficiary Entity
Warehouses of Groceries and Poultry Marvanejo, Lda.

Approval date

Start date

Date of the conclusion

Total Eligible Cost
€ 137,030.00

Financial support from the European Union
FEDER - € 61,663.50

Objectives, activities and expected results

With this investment project, Marvanejo Warehouses intend to expand to international markets and thus achieve an international market turnover of more than 35% of total sales volume in the post-project year. To this end it proposes to develop the following actions:

At the level of the expected results, and through the actions planned, and listed above, it is expected to achieve a sales increase of about 24% in the post-project year.